I've tried out seven different places in this neighborhood so far, and I can confidently say that I've found the best one!

If you're looking for a place to get your nails done in Arboretum South Barrington, look no further than this hidden gem. Trust me, after experiencing the amazing service and quality offered here, you won't want to go anywhere else.

Get ready to flaunt those perfectly manicured nails with pride!


🗺️ 2503 W Golf Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
☎️ 847-744-5970
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10:30 AM–5 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM–6 PM
Friendly and talented staff
Nail techs have their own specialty
Quality service with trendy designs
Reasonable prices
Attention to detail

First and foremost, let's talk about the staff. They were beyond friendly and talented! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with smiles and offered a complimentary beverage. The nail techs were knowledgeable about their own specialties, which gave me confidence in their abilities.

Next up, the services themselves were top-notch. Not only did they pay attention to detail, but they also ensured that each design was trendy and unique to my taste. I loved how they took the time to ask me what I wanted while also providing suggestions for what would look good on my nails.

And let's not forget about the prices - they were reasonable compared to other high-end salons in the area. It's always a plus when you can get quality service without breaking the bank!

Overall, my experience at MARSHALLS NAILS & SPA was fantastic. The friendly and talented staff combined with quality service and trendy designs made for an unforgettable visit. If you're looking for a great nail salon in Arboretum South Barrington, give them a try!

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City Nail & Spa

City Nail & Spa
🗺️ 108 Barrington Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107
☎️ 630-289-7115
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–4 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9:30 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM–8 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM–8 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM–8 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM–6 PM
Great nail designs with reasonable prices
Friendly and chill atmosphere
High quality service above expectations
Longtime loyal customers trust them
Skilled and attentive technicians

First of all, the salon has a friendly and chill atmosphere that I absolutely loved. As soon as I stepped in, I was warmly welcomed by the staff who made me feel at home. The interior decor was modern and clean, which added to the overall relaxing vibe.

Next up, their nail designs were stunning! They have an array of designs to choose from that won't break the bank. The prices are reasonable for the quality of service provided. Trust me when I say you'll get your money's worth.

The technicians were skilled and attentive, and they made sure to ask me questions about what I wanted before starting the service. They also gave me some great advice on how to care for my nails after leaving the salon.

It's no surprise that City Nail & Spa has longtime loyal customers who trust them with their nail care needs. After my experience, it's easy to see why!

Overall, if you're looking for high-quality service above expectations, great nail designs with reasonable prices, and a friendly atmosphere - look no further than City Nail & Spa in Arboretum South Barrington!

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Anthony Vince Nail Spa

Anthony Vince Nail Spa
🗺️ 100 Higgins Rd Suite R3, South Barrington, IL 60010
☎️ 847-551-8688
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–5 PM
Monday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–6:30 PM
Attentive to detail
Friendly and kind staff
Beautiful nail art
Well-maintained salon
Excellent customer service

First off, I have to say that the staff at Anthony Vince Nail Spa were not only friendly and kind, but they were also very attentive to detail. They made sure that every nail was perfect from start to finish. It's not often you find a salon where every technician is equally skilled, but this one definitely exceeded my expectations.

The salon itself was well-maintained and had a cozy atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with smiles and warm welcomes from the receptionist and staff. The customer service was truly top-notch!

Now let's get to the real reason we're all here - nail art! And boy, did Anthony Vince Nail Spa deliver! Their nail art designs were absolutely stunning! They had an array of options to choose from, including some unique designs that I hadn't seen before. The level of creativity and skill was impressive.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a nail salon with excellent customer service, beautiful nail art, and an overall great experience, then Anthony Vince Nail Spa is definitely worth checking out. Trust me, your nails (and soul) will thank you!

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Spa Bleu

Spa Bleu
🗺️ 100 W Higgins Rd Ste F, South Barrington, IL 60010
☎️ 847-783-0703
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–5 PM
Monday: 10 AM–8 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–8 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–8 PM
Friday: 10 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM
Gentle touch
Great feedback
Relaxing atmosphere
Knowledgeable staff

First of all, let me tell you that the moment I walked in, I was blown away by the relaxing atmosphere. The muted colors and calming music made me forget my busy day instantly. I was greeted by a friendly staff who immediately put me at ease.

The nail technician assigned to me had a gentle touch and took her time with each nail. What's more, she gave great advice on how to take care of my nails at home. Her expertise was evident in every stroke.

What impressed me most about Spa Bleu was the feedback they provided throughout the process. They asked for my opinion on everything from the color selection to the shape of my nails. It showed how much they cared about their clients' satisfaction.

Overall, Spa Bleu exceeded my expectations and has definitely earned its spot as one of the best nail salons in Arboretum South Barrington. If you're looking for a relaxing experience with knowledgeable staff, then this is definitely the place for you!

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Glamour Nail Studio

Glamour Nail Studio
🗺️ 4599 W Higgins Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
☎️ 847-551-5990
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–5 PM
Monday: 10 AM–8 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–8 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–8 PM
Friday: 10 AM–8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–6 PM
Clean and staff is awesome
Great results
Takes pride in their work
Attention to small details
Kind and makes you feel comfortable

Firstly, I was impressed by the cleanliness of the salon. As someone who values sanitation, this was a huge plus for me. Not only that, but the staff were awesome and made me feel right at home.

But let's get to the important stuff: the results. I have to say, I was blown away by how great my nails looked when they were finished. The employees truly take pride in their work and it shows in every detail.

Speaking of details, Glamour Nail Studio pays attention to all the small things that make a big difference. From smoothing out rough edges to making sure each nail is perfectly shaped, they don't cut any corners (pun intended).

And lastly, I have to mention how kind and comforting the staff were throughout my visit. They really went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable during my time there.

Overall, I highly recommend Glamour Nail Studio as one of the best nail salons in Arboretum South Barrington. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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Barrington Nails Spa

Barrington Nails Spa
🗺️ 3079 Barrington Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
☎️ 847-765-2080
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10 AM–7 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM–7 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–7 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–7 PM
Friday: 10 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–6 PM
Accommodating staff
No-chip manicure option
Skilled nail technicians

First off, I was blown away by the accommodating staff who greeted me with warm smiles and offered me a complimentary beverage. It set the tone for a relaxing experience.

When it came to choosing my manicure options, I was thrilled to see that they had a no-chip manicure option. As someone who is always on-the-go, this option was perfect for me. Plus, my nails stayed flawless for weeks!

The skilled nail technicians were truly impressive. They paid attention to every detail and made sure my nails looked perfect before letting me go. Not to mention, their tools were properly sanitized - something I greatly appreciate as a germaphobe.

Overall, Barrington Nails Spa exceeded my expectations. The salon's atmosphere was calming and chic, and the service was top-notch. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for an exceptional nail salon experience in Arboretum South Barrington.

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The Arboretum of South Barrington

The Arboretum of South Barrington
🗺️ 100 W Higgins Rd, South Barrington, IL 60010
☎️ 847-426-6200
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–5 PM
Monday: 11 AM–7 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–7 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–7 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–7 PM
Friday: 11 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–7 PM
Upscale shopping
Famous restaurants
Beautiful outdoor area

As I walked through the beautiful outdoor area, I couldn't help but admire the upscale shopping options and famous restaurants that surrounded me. The atmosphere was luxurious and sophisticated, which made me excited to see what the nail salon options would be like.

I visited several different nail salons in the area, and I have to say, they did not disappoint. Each salon had its unique style and vibe, making it hard to choose just one favorite. However, I finally found the nail salon that stood out from the rest.

The nail technicians were professional and skilled, ensuring that my nails looked flawless after every visit. They also provided a relaxing environment with soothing music and aromatherapy scents that helped me unwind while getting my nails done.

Overall, The Arboretum of South Barrington is a top-notch destination for those looking for high-quality nail salons. Not only does it offer great shopping and dining options but also amazing nail salons that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed. So if you're ever in Arboretum South Barrington looking for a fantastic manicure or pedicure experience, look no further than this gem of a location!

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