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We are a team of beauty lovers and experts who have traveled the world in search of the best nail salons. We have tried and tested hundreds of locations, and we are here to offer you honest and reliable reviews, so you can find the perfect spot for your next mani-pedi.

At Bestiji, we believe that the right manicure and pedicure can do wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. That is why we want to help you find the best salons, so you never have to worry about terrible service or disastrous nail results ever again.

Our team has dedicated hundreds of hours to assessing nail salons across the globe, and we are continuously visiting new locations and updating our reviews. We also offer helpful tips and advice on the perfect nail look for any occasion, from the most extravagant soirees to everyday life.

Bestiji is here to give you the reliable advice you need to always look your best. Welcome to the world of nails, and may your fingers never be without a marvelous manicure or pedicure again.

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Our Team

Alex Irvin

Alex Irvin

Alex is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed nail enthusiast. She's reviewed nail salons all over the world and has a passion for finding the perfect manicure or pedicure. She believes everyone deserves to have a beautiful set of nails 💅. When not writing or exploring new cities, she can be found sharing her knowledge through Instagram and speaking out against the negative stigmas of nail salons.